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Driven by a team of entrepreneurial experts, Nectar transforms B2B service firms with practical strategies, collaborative innovation, and a genuine commitment to your business's success.

Nectar creates big impact for small business

We love amplifying your success by bringing the best of ourselves to help you become the best of yourself.

Our team's deep expertise has consistently delivered transformative results:
boosting client profits by up to 3x, enhancing operational efficiency by up to 42%,
and future-proofing your company.

We help you open the door to new possibilities. Our clients can be seen in:

Who We Are

In the heart of our digital transformation studio's ethos lies the essence of why we chose the name Nectar. Just as nectar attracts and sustains, serving as a vital resource for growth and nourishment in nature, we see our services and collaboration as the lifeblood for businesses striving to flourish in the digital era.

Nectar is essential, alluring, and transformative—it’s what draws the bees and helps the garden grow. Similarly, our company aims to attract growth, foster innovation, and sustain businesses as they navigate pivotal growth stages and uncertainty.

Our team brings a wealth of firsthand entrepreneurial experience, having founded approximately 11 businesses and achieved successful exits in 4 of them.

Picture us as skilled architects crafting a future where your business flourishes amid market changes, blending professional expertise with a personal touch.

Our Core Values


We love sharing knowledge and resources - our biggest goal is to be of service and bring our clients as much value as possible.


We strive to understand each client's unique journey, enabling tailored solutions that highlight their distinct strengths and needs.


We believe in doing what's right, even when no one is watching, fostering trust, transparency, and accountability in everything we do.


We practice agility as a way of being, empowering us and our clients to stay ahead, adaptable, and ready for tomorrow's challenges.

Meet Our Experts

Our team brings a wealth of firsthand entrepreneurial experience, having founded approximately 11 businesses and achieved successful exits in 4 of them.

Rose Désauguste

Founder / CEO

Rose is the founder of Nectar Digital Group. She is a seasoned entrepreneur and technologist with almost a decade of experience. She has founded 2 successful New York-based agencies and a B2B artificial intelligence startup. Rose is a business innovator who has been featured in Fast Company.

She was previously held a VP role at a Fortune 100 company where she advised technology leaders and teams on operational efficiency and product strategy. With a Masters degree focusing on behavioral neuroscience, she merges her passion for business, tech, and people to empower individuals and their companies to achieve their full potential.

Matt Ames

Fractional CMO / VP of Growth

Matt is an award-winning entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. Matt excels in developing high-ROI marketing strategies that fuel rapid growth by deeply understanding the market and target customers.

He led a business that became the nation’s third-largest escape room company.  Additionally, he successfully helped organizations to increase sales on average 3x.

With expertise in product strategy, customer experience, and business expansion, Matt consistently delivers exceptional results by blending visionary leadership with practical execution.

Erin Leigh

Brand Strategist / Art Director

Erin is a visionary brand strategist and creative director, guiding businesses through the transformative journey of branding.

Erin wields the power of a well-crafted brand as the ultimate secret weapon, ensuring businesses leave a lasting impression.

She has worked with companies that have graced the pages and screens of esteemed publications and shows, including Elle, MTV, Cosmopolitan, and The Jimmy Fallon Show.

Erin's dedication goes beyond the superficial elements of branding, she delves into how a brand can inspire transformation across a business and, crucially, in the lives of those behind it.

Lincold Garnace

Fractional COO / Fractional CIO/ Strategist

Linc is an operations and process improvement expert with extensive experience as a Fractional COO, specializing in driving efficiency and innovation through streamlined business processes and project management.

His expertise encompasses lean six sigma methodologies, structured problem-solving techniques, and the adept use of No Code solutions for operational flexibility. Linc excels in integrating automation and AI, simplifying workflows, and leading digital transformation projects across various business units.

He helps organizations scale operations while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Keaton Smith

Fractional COO / Fractional CIO

Keaton is a highly experienced business leader, adept in managing over 1,000 complex projects across various sectors, including fintech and construction. He excels in digital transformation, data analysis, and strategic planning.

Renowned for his adaptability and value creation, Keaton's expertise in management consulting, project management, and e-commerce consulting makes him a key asset for diverse businesses, from startups to large conglomerates, seeking growth and innovation.

Adam Abrahami

Fractional CMO / Sales / Executive Coach

Adam Abrahami, a results-driven consultant, boasts a 20-year track record in global strategy, marketing, and business transformation. He practiced customer strategy consulting at Iris Worldwide for 9 years, and then managed operations and fundraising at Maya securing $3.8M in funding over 2 rounds.

Later, collaborating with Peter Sheahan, Adam transformed Fortune 500 companies, reshaping visions for Equinix, HNI, and Zayo. Now excelling independently, he continues to drive success through his unique blend of expertise, dedication, and strategic vision.

Chizoba Frances

Executive Assistant

Meet the Nectar Clydesdale. With over 5 years of experience in project and administration management, she brings valuable expertise to the table, keeping everyone organized and calm amidst tight deadlines and numerous tasks.

In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced environment, Chichi remains a steady presence, much like the steadfast Clydesdale helping the team towards success.

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